the Ministry of health spoke about the Russian tests of the drug from COVID-19, airlines were allowed to completely fill the passengers cabin, and the consulates and visa centers plan to begin accepting documents for visas.

the Number of identified per day cases of infection with coronavirus was 9 035 total number of infected people in Russia now 414 878. The recovered number of Russians who were previously diagnosed with coronavirus infection, a day increased by 3 994 person to 175 877. The number of lethal outcomes after coronavirus rose for the day on 162 and is 4 855 people.

the Spread COVID-19 in Russia is gradually on the decline, the incoming data give grounds for cautious optimism, however, need to prepare for any situation, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on the resumption of the provision of routine medical care in Russia by the end of the meeting on sanitary-epidemiological setting. The Commission addressed the Ministry of health. We are talking about the resumption of both primary medical care and specialized, including high-tech. However, the head of state instructed to maintain a dedicated Fund of hospital beds for patients with coronavirus in case incidence in the country will begin to grow again.

Before the beginning of the summer, CPS has made concessions to airlines and transport unit of the government in the matter of the occupancy of the aircraft: the Ministry no longer insists on limiting the sales of tickets by half. Now, the airlines can expect a return of at least part of the flights, if the demand for air travel in June will rise sharply.

Flights abroad continue prohibited. The airlines had hoped that the summer starts to recover the demand at least for domestic flights, especially to the resorts. Largest regular the company has significantly lowered prices for flights departing in June compared with the price in may. But the demand in the early summer on domestic flights, including in the city of Krasnodar Krai, the bad part of the flight to the resorts of the region will have to cancel.

in the near future the consulates and visa centers plan to begin accepting documents for visas. The borders were closed, but in many countries for permission to enter you can contact in advance, including for six months prior to travel.

Traditionally, one of the most popular areas for organized recreation of the Russians — Egypt. Past weekend in the country, introduced compulsory wearing of masks in public places. The number of infections in the country is growing, accounting for about 25 thousand people, and when to resume foreign tourism — is unknown: the opening of the air it is not.

Per��yy the preparation of direct antiviral action of “Aviewer” production RDIF and Chemrar that violate the mechanisms of propagation of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, last week received the approval of the Ministry of health. Drug for treatment of patients COVID-19 has already been tested on more than 180 patients. During tests, the effectiveness of the Russian drug was about 90%. From June 11 to hospitals in Russia are planning to transfer 60 thousand courses of medication.

CPS has developed recommendations on how to organize the work of public catering enterprises, yet there remain risks of proliferation COVID-19. Open restaurants and cafes will be able, after the permission of the heads of regions. To work staff will be in masks, to change them you will need every three hours. At the entrance to the café must be installed sanitizer. Restaurants should be no less than 1.5 m from each other.

the World is waiting for the global food crisis. This forecast was made by chief economist of the UN food programme Arif Hussain.

At the same time, indicators of crops, planting and livestock, as well as the prices of agricultural products, while not showing a clear trend to a shortage of food. Nevertheless, the problem of malnutrition may become relevant due abrupt impoverishment of the citizens.

Russia is gradually emerging from isolation. Since 1 June in most regions canceled a significant portion entered at the time of the epidemic restrictions. Open to visitors on parks, begin stores, shops, dry cleaning and beauty salons.

Behind more than two months of home treatment, during which the whole country has closely followed the statistics of morbidity and mortality in the early stages, tried to buy masks, used to wash hands, to study and work on udalenke. The Russians spent the time that we know about COVID-19 and did a blow to the Russian economy?

news the project publishes stories stars about their plans for life after it all finally, end.

Former members KVN and a show “Ural dumplings”, actor, producer, Director and expert on the culture of the youth Parliament under the Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Nitievskiy in an exclusive video shared their plans and dreams which he will realize after mode isolation.