the prevalence of coronavirus in Russia has declined, Smoking does not protect against COVID-19, and the CPS recommends a mask mode and isolation of the elderly before the end of the pandemic.

the Total number of confirmed cases has reached 198 676 people. For the last day recovered 5308, and the number of discharged patients has increased to 31 916. Moscow and the Moscow region remain the regions with the highest number of confirmed cases COVID-19.

According to on may 9, it is 1.06. Is taken into consideration when deciding on the exit of the limitations. Will also be evaluated free bedspace and testing coverage.

Previously, scientists has adjusted its forecast for the end of the epidemic of coronavirus in Russia. They believe that the epidemic in Russia will be fully completed by August 17, 2020.

Both viruses belong to acute respiratory infections, but the flu largely affects the upper respiratory tract, and the coronavirus that causes the lungs and their capillaries. In this regard, increased and the incubation period of the coronavirus. In addition, when COVID-19 there is a high risk of rapid changes in the patient’s condition.

Previously, the CPS recommended that a mask mode and isolation of the elderly before the end of the pandemic. Guidelines for the phased removal of restrictions aimed at regions.

expert of the world health organization (who) Maria van Kerkhove stated that Smoking increases the risk of occurrence of coronavirus infection in more severe form. Thus she commented on was published in France studies indicating that smokers supposedly less hospitalitynet due COVID-19.

They found an alternative to computed tomography (CT) to detect COVID-19 and the world’s first began to apply the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This method proved more effective and safer due use of electromagnetic waves instead of x-rays.

Another 60 workers are in isolation. United States secret service guards the state-owned enterprises in the country, as well as the President and other senior officials. Contact infected officers with officials, is not specified.

the Stores, which will be observed social distance between visitors will be able to open the first phase of the lifting of restrictions imposed in Russia due coronavirus. At the first stage of the sales area shall not exceed 400 sq. m.

the tourism industry due pandemic COVID-19 hardest-hit industry of cruises. First, the ships were floating “insulators”, and now completely empty — on Board is only a small crew.

to Stand in the port — too expensive dLa such ships. In addition, the crisis in the industry can last unpredictably long. So the ship looking for a quiet sanctuary right in the sea.

the Brazilian Ronaldo Souza passed test positive for coronavirus. The Brazilian fighter had to participate in the UFC 249. In the early preliminary card, he had a scheduled fight with American of Uriah Heep Hall. The fight was cancelled. However, the tournament will be held.