It is a sign of solidarity. And the help that was desperately needed!

On Saturday afternoon, a special rescue pilots of the German air force landed in Köln-Wahn. On Board: six seriously ill Corona-patients from Italy.

The MedEvac plane (Airbus 310 “August Euler”) had taken on the Italians in the of the Corona-crisis-hit Bergamo.

According to IMAGE information, and the patients are in critical condition, intubated and artificially ventilated. Paramedics and Doctors on Board, they had supplied during the approximately 90-minute flight to Germany.

senior staff physician, Susanne C. and their comrades in tending to the seriously ill Corona-patients and bring them to Germany photo: Twitter/Team_Luftwaffe On Board six severely ill photo: Kevin Schrief / dpa

After landing, to be treated, you will be transferred to the hospitals in Cologne, Bochum and Bonn. There are still free intensive care beds, for severely ill patients can finally be helped!