because of the coronavirus has so many things changed in a very short time. Just see this sentence, that B. T. himself wrote earlier this year:

‘2020 looks like a year, which is becoming quite unusual for a tv-doctor Charlotte Bøving, who proposed to his girlfriend, Christina Jorgensen, new year’s eve when the clock struck 12.’

How it went, just not for the pair. At least not so far. Perhaps you might call it unusual, but probably not right on the way, Charlotte Bøving had hoped for. She says for now, that the wedding is postponed.

“We have moved the day because of corona. We know not how long it here are going to pull out. It will probably be a very extended session out of the way, the strategy is determined. So we dare not lay on a date, called 20. June,” says Charlotte Bøving to See and Hear.

now, They have instead planned to hold the wedding on the 8th. august with the hope that there is more control over the coronavirus to the time.

It was Charlotte Bøving, even in his time, who went on his knees to propose to her boyfriend, who now is her fiance.

“I think, in fact, that she (Christina Jørgensen, eds.) thought I had turned my foot, but then she saw that I was kneeling on one knee, and there seemed she just, it was wild. She realized shown then, that it was actually serious, that I proposed to her,” told Charlotte Bøving earlier in the year to the B. T. on frieriet.

Charlotte Bøving is known from the DR programme ‘the Doctor move into’.