According to Ireland’s central bank can the unemployment rate rise to 25 percent from 4,8 percent in the beginning of the crisis.

the Consequences of coronaviruspandemien for the irish economy can be greater than the consequences of the financial crisis that brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy a decade ago.

It informs Ireland’s central bank on the night of Friday.

the central Bank estimates that Ireland’s gross domestic product (gdp) could fall by 8.3 percent in 2020, if the current restrictions in the country lasts for three months.

Ireland, whose economy last year grew by 5.5 percent, ordered a week ago its citizens to stay at home until at least 12. april. It happens to curb the spread of virussmitten.

This writes the news agency Reuters.

Ireland has gradually introduced restrictions in the country since mid-march.

the central Bank forecasts that the unemployment rate will rise to 25 percent in the current quarter from the 4.8 percent in the beginning of the pandemic. At the end of the year can the unemployment rate decrease to 12.6 percent.

It assesses Mark Cassidy, who is the head of the central bank’s department of economics and statistics.

There has been a marked increase in the number of irish citizens who have applied for help from the state, since the Irish government introduced measures to limit the spread of infection.

So get 513.350 people now one or another form of support in Ireland. It is equivalent to one fifth of the workforce, the data showed Thursday.

And the situation may deteriorate further, if not public health improved rapidly in the course of the coming months. More companies may be forced to close, and that can happen more permanent job losses, points out Mark Cassidy.

– If the restrictions are in place in more than three months, will the economic consequences be worse. The longer businesses are closed, the more difficult it is for the companies having it hard to survive, he says in a conference call, according to Reuters.

It is far from the only in Ireland, to coronakrisen has left its deep traces in the economy and led to greater unemployment.

In just two weeks, has about ten million americans signed up available. In the past week there were in the UNITED states around 6.6 million nytilmeldte available, which applied for unemployment benefits.

It wrote The Washington Post on Thursday.

the Reason is that the society and the economy almost from one day to the other closed down as a result of virusudbruddet.