How much profbasketbalclubs in the Netherlands and Belgium, and survived the coronacrisis? And there are a number of falls over, so does this mean that both countries can work together to save for early retirement to be a common Beneliga to help you.

this is a gedachtespinsel of the Show Helfteren, a former coach and the current coach of the Team and Basketball in Rotterdam, the netherlands. “I’m afraid it’s the end of the summer headlines, will count will be. How many clubs are there? It might be that a Beneliga will soon be the only option left is to set up a proper competition to be organized”, said the born a Tilburger.

Earlier in the week and took the control of the Dutch Basketball League, the Belgian Pro Basketball League that is known to proceed with their plans for the two leagues to merge. That would be starting in the season 2021/2022 need to be done. Van Helfteren, is that as a coach, is barely involved at all. “So far, it has, for me, is a far-from-my-bed-show’. But maybe we need to plan now so they are more likely to be carried out. Of necessity.”


now, Bob, from the Uk, the owner of a record, win a national championship, “Heroes’ Den Bosch said in a response to the statements Of the Helfteren, is that he is at the moment nothing at all is excluded. “No one can predict what will be there the next time it happens.”

In the Uk, has been closely involved in the plans for a combined league, and he is a big supporter of it. “The BeneLeague, and of course this is just a project, it provides a host of benefits. The level of basketball in the Netherlands and Belgium, and is going up. As a result, the clubs are better, and you can get better players at this point. And that means that young talents are less likely to be for the American-college-basketball-will to choose, but I prefer to stay here. And the talent that is returning to the united states will not be as fast for the first, second and third division in Spain, but rather for the BeNeLeague.”


Also, in the commercial area Of the Uk, the benefits. “The market is twice as big, so you will be more attractive to broadcasters. This can lead to an increase in the basketball, on tv, in the Netherlands, and Belgium.”

What is the Beneliga out to be, it is still not clear. One option is to leave the Dutch premier league (nine of clubs) and in the Belgian first division (ten of clubs) is simply to merge them. “But, then again, the question of what is the meaning of the European basketball. Now the Netherlands and Belgium, in each of the three or four clubs to register for the European tournament. It is, of course, is not desirable for this number to be in a joint competition by half. You will also be able to choose to be in the first half of the season two of the national leagues to play in, each with a national championship. In the second half of the season would have to be the best teams from the two countries could have come out in the BeneLeague. Or you can make a BeneLeague, and was a BeneLeague Silver, with a promotion/ relegation scheme,” said Van Oosterhout.

the goal is to be at the end of this year to make a final decision on the introduction of the Beneliga in the season 2021/2022. If the coronacrisis not the case earlier.