Cycling three-Quarters of the staff made redundant. The riders, who make up 80% of wages submitted. And with a sponsor in an emergency. Covid-19 hits (CCC) in the heart. The team of Greg Van Avermaet (34) still have a future? “The signs are not positive.”

Crisisberaad yesterday at the CCC. Firstly, the staff at the conferencecall to the team management, in line with the runners. The Polish WorldTourploeg works primarily with self-employed people. They had a dozen or so staff members, and after all of your C4. The warranty on a new contract proposal, and once the pandemic is under control, and it is the season to re-boot. On the same terms and conditions? It remains an open question. The riders were told that they are a part of their salary had to be picked up. ‘They mainly concern heavily reduced, ” was all the statement is vague. The 80% is, then, our editorial team, from a good source. Not for a few months, but for the rest of the season. A significant measure of waarmeede the team leader is to, a priori, had to be reconciled. “It’s inevitable, in these difficult times. I can’t rate, my job is not a 100% run. So I have to be loyal and remain in front of the sponsors, is Of the Team. “To support them. We hope that we will together grow stronger will come true. … And that they will give us at least an extra year to continue to sponsor it.”