Like a whirlwind, Lyonel flits (since today is Saturday, nine years old) through the apartment. He is a happy nature, established, adventurous and wild. Actually. As a VIEW that appeals to him on his birthday, which falls due to the Corona-crisis into the water, and his mood abruptly.

The Boy looked into the Void, says thoughtfully: “I am very sad that I can’t celebrate. Now I can’t see all my Gschpänli I’ve invited.” The invitations he had already begun to Tinker with a lot of effort to. Only, he was not allowed to them in the end. “Because of this stupid Corona,” grumbles nine-year-old. With a mischievous Smile he adds: “The gifts of fall, of course, way also.”

“There were tears”

mother Regula Zahnd (31) had a lot to put in motion to her son to cheer up. “When I had to tell him two weeks ago, we’d have to cancel his Party, there were tears,” says the from Berne to VIEW.

Then she assured her Lyonel, that you make up for the Feast. “His greatest fear was that he is going to forget this year.” As an adult, the birthday was losing importance. For children, it was the Event of the year. “Lyonel has abgekreuzt the days until his big day in the calendar.”

The single mother knows how sociable is your son. “He is incredibly happy in the company of, and a lot of on-the-go.” The two live directly to the farm of Regulas parents. So Lyonel help your dad on the farm and was always in the shot. For a hibbeligen young as your son, it’s a particularly big disappointment, that he “can only celebrate with the family.”

bowling alley already

booked and Planned the students would have to go with his friends bowling. In Muri, near the village of Burgistein, BE, where the two live, there is a Bowling centre. “We had rented a car, and I wanted to unpack at the Restaurant with the whole gang to eat cake and gifts,” says the working mother of two.

Ten of his friends would have been invited. The majority of them from the school. Most pleased would have been) Lyonel on his best friend Charlie (8.

birthday cards from around the world

give your little one a memorable birthday, lay Regula Zahnd the right stuff: “I have made social media a call and my friends are encouraged to send their birthday cards.”

One of Regulas friends have scattered to the call, including letters from Texas, the Czech Republic and Germany were on the way. “So a few people think, after all, to him, and he realizes that his birthday is also important this year.”

Congratulations to Lyonel!

would you like To make Lyonel a joy? All readers are cordially invited to congratulate the boys for my birthday. In consultation with the family, we publish your address here: Lyonel Zahnd, low-schönegg 83, 3664 Burgistein. According to the Credo: Small-Big effect.