life There are about 1800 people. Accordingly, a 53-year-old Migrant from Afghanistan was tested positive for the Virus. Since last week the stock of Ritsona is already about 75 kilometers North of Athens under quarantine there, about 3000 people live. A woman from the Camp had been tested after the birth of her child in a hospital in Athens is a positive one.

“Have developed with Greece, an emergency action plan,”

In Greek Store from life, according to the migration Minister, a total of around 100,000 people, about 40,000 of them waiting in the Islands to the East of the Aegean sea. Mitarakis assured in an Interview with the news channel Skai: “We, like all other States, the appropriate measures.” In the event of an infection, the Camp will be placed under quarantine. In all of the Camps output restrictions have been in place for weeks. There are special containers with isolation wards had been set up, the Minister assured.

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EU Commissioner for Ylva Johansson expressed concern about the situation in the refugee camps on the Aegean Islands. “We have developed with Greece, an emergency action plan that the Greek authorities must now implement step-by-step. He foresees that the most vulnerable people are taken out of the Camps – and now, immediately,” said the EU Commissioner, the German news magazine “der Spiegel”. Old and sick people should be placed either in empty Hotels on the Islands or on the Greek mainland.

“is The inhuman ignorance of the German Federal government is unbearable,”

The Left party member of Parliament Sylvia fork man called on Berlin and Brussels to Act. The overcrowded camps on the Greek Islands should be evacuated. The Coronavirus spreads in the huts and tents there, this could mean for thousands of people to the death, said fork man. “The inhuman ignorance of the EU and, above all, the German Federal government – is intolerable and represents nothing more than a failure to help,” criticized the North Rhine-Westphalian politician. Reuters/Angelos Tzortzinis/dpa Athens The the refugee camp in “Gerakini” in Malakasa, near.

Germany and some other EU States had agreed, at least 1600, unaccompanied children and other migrants from the overcrowded Camps on the Aegean Islands to be incorporated. A spokesman from the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) insured at the end of March that Germany, in spite of the Corona-of the crisis.

70 people in Greece Coronavirus

died, The German Caritas Association urged quick Action in the Greek Camps. Greece-speaker Gernot Krauß said to offer Germany and other countries: “This announcement must follow up with deeds. From a humanitarian point of view, a bailout would also be action for the 200 or so in stock for old people, for the Coronavirus is much more dangerous, more urgent. About which no one speaks, however.” Caritas international, the relief organization of the German Caritas Association, according to its own information, in the world, with 166 local Caritas associations.

In Greece, with a population of about 10.8 million people have died to Sunday lunch for 70 people at the from novel Coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. Hopp suggests, when Corona vaccine is available – and what FOCUS Online/Wochit Hopp can still reveals go wrong when Corona vaccine is available and what

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