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Current issue:

  • Martina Hoeft asks: “Where can I test, whether I had unnoticed Corona?”

answer: in order To subsequently determine whether or not you are already been infected unnoticed with the Coronavirus, there is need of an anti-body tests. So far, these are on the free market are hardly available. In two to three months, however, you should be also for the General population, estimates virologist Christian Drosten. First Tests at the Charité hospital in Berlin could even be carried out earlier.

Some of these Tests will in future be available in the pharmacy. In this case, each could test this yourself at home – who was already infected, would lead to a positive test result. More to the quick test, you can read here. Due to the multitude of questions we have divided them into thematic blocks:

A) questions about everyday life and virus protection

B) questions to pre-existing conditions and risk factors

C) Risk of infection for travel and on-the-go

D) risk for kids and Pregnant

E) General questions of contagion, symptoms and distribution

A) questions about everyday life and virus protection

  • Rainer Kleber asks: “Can the Virus from foods such as bread, vegetables, meat, etc., to spread, in particular, for open of sold goods?”

answer: The risk estimate virologists to be very low. So far no such cases are known.

Instead, the Transfer takes place mainly directly from human-to-human (droplet infection). Regular hand washing and Adhere to the distance rule is, therefore, still the most important protection measures. Emotional cry for help out of Isolation: “We have unbearable anxiety,” FOCUS Online Emotional cry for help out of Isolation: “We have asked unbearable anxiety”

  • Martin S.: “I Need to turn to me, when I go out walking, a Jogger comes?”

answer: no. As long as you comply with the minimum distance of one and a half meters, you do not need to look away, if you go to someone over, the Jogging, on the bike or in the same way as you just go for a walk. An infection in this case is very unlikely; it is rather, especially when Speaking, Sneezing or coughing, i.e., in direct contact with other people.

  • Gudrun P. asks: “I am sick at heart, and I am currently scared to the appointment to go to the family doctor or cardiologist. This go or should I stay home?“

answer: Basically, it will keep Doctors currently is right to move non-time-critical appointments, and investigations on the time after the pandemic, especially if patients belong to a risk group for a severe course of the disease and in addition to any pre-existing conditions healthy.

The majority of practices, however, are opened as before and you should contact you in case of acute complaints in any case. The Charité hospital in Berlin warns of heart attack and stroke patients you even get to choose the appearance of symptoms to the emergency or go to the hospital.

Since the beginning of the Corona-crisis, the number of these patients had declined significantly nationwide. “The assumption is that the individuals concerned a sense of uncertainty, whether or not you should go in the current Situation a clinic,” explains the clinic. In the case of heart attacks and strokes every Minute and untreated disorders could lead to serious consequences such as paralysis or heart rhythm disturbances on the count of seizures, however, often, in the worst case, death. The Charité assured, therefore, that regardless of the pandemic, the supply of emergency patients with other conditions to be ensured. Also, you would be treated separately from the Corona-patients. Out of anger over the rental-cancellation policy: SPD-politician Adidas Shirt is burning in the garbage bin