New York – The once-bustling Fifth Avenue is deserted. The world-famous Times Square, on the otherwise thousands of tourists from all over the world to shoot a Selfie, empty of people. The city that never sleeps, she stands still.

▶︎20 000 inhabitants are infected with the Corona Virus, 280 died, more than in any other state. 8.4 million people to around 780 square kilometers, life in quarantine.

crowds of people pushing themselves with respiratory protection masks in front of a test station photo: AFP IMAGE-Reporter Herbert Bauer fog

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send “The world as we know it, is lost”

mayor Bill de Blasio (58) is concerned that half of it could infect “The world as we know it, is lost. And she’s not coming back, not in the next few months. The conservation is lots of truth. We are going to lose people.“ Shops, Bars and Restaurants are close. The Broadway Theater. The ferry service set. Grand Central station is eerily quiet. A conductor to the PICTURE: “The few passengers that we carry, have important Jobs.”

Andrew Cuomo (62), the Governor of the U.S. state of New York, on Tuesday at a press conference

photo: AFP