Many companies, managers and employees the go. The workplace is shifting forced from office in the own four walls. Who has been working “remotely” – so, for example, only a few Times per month in the office over looks, because he is often at the customer, on dates or in the home office who is familiar with the Situation. The column “New Work”

How does our work world in the future? What jobs will there be and how will we work together? What is the working time and salary models to influence our everyday lives in the future?

These exciting questions is devoted to FOCUS Online columnist Marco Graf in his weekly column. The systemic consultant is familiar with the challenges and opportunities of the “New Work” and take a look into our future.

companies that have already implemented virtual collaboration, and are now at a clear advantage. Those who intend to, should take advantage of the dynamism and action. Those who reject it, will get problems in the future: in the effective organization of their work and in filling Vacancies.

Who offer solutions to the employees, no home office or Remote, to do, to get the best people.

Three things that companies now need to consider

What it needs so I can work as an employee virtually with my colleagues?

1. A digital infrastructure for communication such as video calls and shared file editing.

2. A digital infrastructure in the administration for the handling of topics, such as accounting or vacation requests.

you can think of – there is still something missing. Would also be a bad column, would not be an aspect raised that makes you Think. Here it is:

3. Above all, it needs a clean launch of the virtual cooperation, which is permanently accompanied.

And so long to this new Form of cooperation with them, with their concomitants of each are understood and in corporate culture, firmly anchored. A point, the companies neglect all too often. About the author

Marco Graf Agency Brands and Emotions is currently available for the communication. Prior to that, he worked for the car manufacturer Audi and the HypoVereinsbank. As a Systemic consultant and Coach, he continues to consult privately for companies in the areas of culture and team development. His customers, he gives, as it relates to the new requirements of the world of work can set. More about the author she believes know here:

Who that the introduction of a new form of work and everything is smooth, you’re wrong. And a company that is in the undercurrent of the who is not under the position “in the office, not working and haunts is located in the open-air bath” across the hall, you will get problems.

is the Only modern make, leads to nothing

Who, in its forms of work, so only “modern I”, but no matching attitude, has established an error in the System and will not have the full Benefit of flexible jobs. Energy contracts: 80% of all Germans are still paying too much! (Display)

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in Short: It must be parallel to the framework worked and that of course means effort. At the same time, it costs money, which means that this work is regularly omitted.

Funny thing: When new machines are acquired or in the accounting a new Software to do this, don’t you also training.

The person you wish to contact

For Teams who work either entirely or in part virtually, it is not easy, when you can literally grab hardly. The man would like to be in touch with others. He would like to get feedback on and be Do. He wants the other to find him “OK”. This is about respect, acceptance, and belonging.

This “I’m OK”feeling you get on a benevolent Nod of his colleagues in a Meeting, or by a Smile that a colleague from the neighboring Department at the gear throws.

In the office, you get the “just so”, you have nothing to do for it. Just to be there. For those who work virtually, this is different. The frequency with which you get an “I’m OK”feeling signals, is much lower.

in Spite of virtual collaboration “to

, include” When “belonging” is about the unspoken agreements between colleagues, the need to always be renewed. In the virtual work, that does not mean expense, because it happens just like in the office “just so”.

When I’m not working as a Team, however, then the virtual members feel at some point “not OK”, but excluded and lonely. Although the don’t really want none.

the following example: I have a colleague in a dispute. In the case of a spontaneous coffee the next day it is placed – if both are working in the office – quickly shelved. How does the but if the other is via video call available? The casual, informal meeting is not possible? I try to have Him and to have a debate or should I go by the Motto: “out of sight out of mind.”

Needs new understanding and new Form of sensibility

There needs to be a new understanding and a new Form of sensitivity to the cooperation. It needs common formats in which this understanding is created, and critical situations can be solved. This can be, for example, weekly Feedback sessions.

during the year, Workshops, which are all present and, as a group, the rules of their human-to-human collaboration set to help.

These Workshops also serve the purpose of the rules for formal cooperation. Because of the informal flow of information, for example, via the “grapevine” is not working virtual. It needs to have clearly defined channels of communication.

A successful virtual collaboration need understanding, and a clear set of rules. Both developed together in the personal encounter.

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