hits The Corona-crisis-Germany’s independent and Mini-farms particularly hard.

The policy will save you with an emergency assistance program and the economic impact cushion. 50 billion euros will be made for a total of loose.

► PICTURE answers the most important questions and shows how YOU can apply for in Bavaria now help from the state.


▶︎ Request businesses and self-employed members of the liberal professions (up to 250 employed persons), which have a place of operation and work in Bavaria.

For applicant with up to 10 employees, the following applies:

eligible applicants are Solo self-employed, the liberal professions and enterprises (up to 10 employees: including the companies of agricultural primary production), the
a) economically and, therefore, permanently on the market, as a company, or in the main activity as a freelancer or self-employed activities are,
and in both cases,
b) your activity from a domestic operation or a domestic seat of the Board of management and
c) in the case of a German tax office logged in

▶︎ amount of emergency assistance:

up to 5 working 9000 Eurobis are 10 employed 15 000 Eurobis to 50 employed 30 000 Eurobis to 250 employed 50 000 Euro