Dresden Dorothea Michalk (38) is probably one of the most famous design inside the city. When she had to include how many due to Corona their business, she didn’t know how to do it more.

“Until I came up with the idea to help, and at the same time keep my Studio up and Running,” says the fashion designer.

Instead of dresses for the big show you are a good match now with two employees mouth protection for businesses and their employees. “We create about 150 pieces of the day” and “Yes, you have, you can also make in white as well,” says Michalk.

dimension-seamstress Grit mold (46) sews now colorful virus-protection

photo: Stefan Hässler

Instead, it gives your Mouth guard in 20 different Patterns, from bright colorful to the subtle grey. The woman is a seamstress – the Saxony first lady einkleidete: “in the past, I was asked why cutting you never did anything for men. Now I have something to offer.“