the consequences of The Corona-crisis for more and more Swiss families felt. Many are workers or self-employed persons are struggling with pain income liable to be buses. Right now the high health insurance premiums are a burden on the household budget, therefore, particularly strong, is convinced the SP Switzerland. The greater the need for individual premium subsidies (IVP) is. And quickly.

Individual cantonal parties have already acted. The St. Galler SP has submitted just a procedural request. They called on the cantonal government to extend the period in which subsidies need to be requested. As for the current year, the deadline has already expired at the end of March. “Now if someone loses the job or self-employed will lose a large part of the income, then an IPV-registration is no longer possible,” says SP certain day, Laura Bucher (35).

SP to add in all the other cantons

follow: The premium reduction is calculated according to the income of the penultimate tax period. Who now because of the pandemic suddenly in financial difficulties, subsidies, therefore, at best, however, not be entitled to premiums verb. The basis of calculation should therefore be adjusted quickly. At the same time, the social Democrats are calling on the government to additional funding for premium subsidies to be provided, so that the claim also be effective to implement.

The example could make school. “The SP Switzerland, will arrive on Wednesday to all the cantonal parties to follow this example”, said SP Vice-President Barbara Gysi (55) to VIEW. Already today, up to 20 percent of the income would be spent on premiums. “Now, if the income, sometimes literally to collapse, people are simply too little money to pay premiums.”

“We will make public print”

It should now happen very rapidly. “We want to build the public pressure on the cantonal governments to act as of himself,” said SP national councillor Gysi. For many, the income, the deterioration in the situation in the last few weeks dramatically. “It can’t be true, if people go for financial reasons, to the doctor,” says Gysi, “especially during such a pandemic.”