Berlin – In Berlin, seemed to the sun, the sky was blue, and a lot of it moved on Saturday into the open. The police had announced to control city-wide, with 350 officers, whether Berlin would be on the inside and Berlin to the rules of conduct to combat the Corona-keep epidemic. Basically, most seemed to keep themselves to the rules, but not always to all.

► At Boxhagener Platz has not worked out the distance on Saturday afternoon. He was banned by the police finally, because there had stayed before about 150 people. When the lockout is lifted again, not on Saturday afternoon. For more major incidents, it was not, according to a police spokesman.

city Park Steglitz in the southwest of Berlin saw it on Saturday afternoon on the first sight like on a normal spring weekend with blue skies and pleasant temperatures: Jogger turned her round, sat a woman in a relaxed cross-legged on the lawn, a Couple was with the stroller on the way and many families with the bike. Larger groups were not seen on the lawns, most took care to keep his distance. However, many were sitting in the afternoon on the benches in the sun, which not only made a short Pause.

The Treptower Park. The trails are full photo: Paul Zinken / dpa

people’s Park Wilmersdorf goods to see a lot of joggers, but also walkers, to and at a distance carefully. Some put a break on the benches, with the necessary distance. But here, too, all did not keep to the rules: On the Meadow, pick a couple of nodded, out of the sight of the police car.