The Corona-tragedy hits all – especially the 1.6 million people over the age of 65 in Switzerland, you need to be particularly protected. Celebrities such as Beni Thurnheer (70) see also Positive in the Redoubt, in the privacy of their home. After his theatre tour was canceled with a Society Lady Irina Beller (47), ZH, he sits home alone in Seuzach. Even his wife, the retired primary school teacher, Kathrin Hildebrand (63), who lives separately from him, just under 100 kilometers in Altstätten SG, you can’t see it.

It became silent in the life of the “best was still to come of the Nation”. He evaluates positively: “Our Hyper active life is now, once pulled the plug. Walking, cooking, reading. Or just time to get bored. Maybe this is good for us,” he says.

Kliby and Caroline in the sleeping beauty

calm of the speakers Kliby (70) is also returns in belly in Kreuzlingen – his donkey-lady Caroline (47 years elfjährig) silent in the travel bag. “All of our appointments have been canceled”, is Kliby to bear in mind. “Sometimes, I’ll get you out of the slumber and practise with her a little facial Expressions in front of the mirror in the closet,” he says. “The belly you forgotten how to talk but never actually. It is like Cycling.”

rest in life and time for the cats

the new silence also actress Heidi Maria Glössner (76) is happy. “I have a strict year behind me, and I can’t remember when I last had such a peace in life,” she muses. “Thanks to this imposed slowdown I can let me for everyday things much more time, and I enjoy that very much.” That she is suddenly so much at home, also appreciate her two Maine Coon cats. “You hold me with your Wishes on the trot: Play, Caress, and Eat, and let her in.”

Less rock there is in the life of TV legend Heiri Müller (73) who would prefer to stand on the stage. “I order my little garden, or compose new Songs,” he says. He discovered again the benefits of the good old landline. “My wife, Ruth, has her roots in Nigeria. We talk on the phone often with your family. There the misery is great.”

dandelion, badgers and deer at the lake of Murten

Isolated in her cottage by the lake and the actress Birgit Steinegger (71) lives. “I will have to call here all the contacts,” she assures. “I want to pick dandelions in the garden and feel the humility that I am so far, remained spared from the Virus.” The rest was wonderful. “No combat aircraft in the sky. I hear the birds chirping, sometimes I see badgers and deer.”

The Parodistin has also discovered new and creative sides of. “I made out of pine cones, a heart, and the lake laid. It is a Symbol that you should not lose in difficult times, the joy of life and sense of Humor.”