Germany’s doctors are confident that the worst of the Corona-roller is yet to come. They warn of hopelessly overcrowded intensive care units and prepare to soon patient screening: Who is ventilated? For whom no ventilation, unfortunately, is the device there?

Still a lot of hope in politics and the economy that the existing Anti-Corona are loosened measures as soon as possible. You Chancellery chief Helge Braun (47, CDU), now moves in between: Until a week after Easter, NO restrictions would be lifted!

In the coming week, will discuss the government with the Prime Minister, as it was with the for at least two weeks (so up to 5. April) agreed to contact the lock further. At the same time brown did in an interview with the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” already hard-hitting: “We’re talking now up to 20. April not have any facilities. Until then, all measures remain in place.“