The Corona-crisis will not pass without a trace at the Federal Agency for work: Alone, in March, there has been 470 000 on short – time working money- a sad record!

BA-Chairman of the Board Detlef Scheele (63) has called the development a “rapid increase in unprecedented proportions.” the , Together with the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (47, SPD) presented on Tuesday at noon the Figures. In fact, it had been almost all of the applications in the past two weeks, said Scheele.

For comparison: in 2019, showed an average of around 1300 farms in the month of short-time work. In February 2020, the number of short-time work was still at 1900.

labour Minister healing, said: “We can already say today: The short-time effect of money.” Among the applications very, very, many “are” from the trade and hospitality industry. As a result, millions of Employ kept “your Job and you can help the chances and the opportunity after the crisis, at the usual place of work”, said the SPD politician.

More Details on the applications and the amount of those Affected could not be estimated but is currently “seriously”. You would but of “considerably more than in the financial crisis”. In the crisis of may 2009, 1.4 million people in Germany were affected.