Sergey Shnurov revives the group “Leningrad”. Tonight at midnight will be released next shocking video rocker. It seems that Sergey Shnurov has decided to blow up the network’s new hit, soon will be the premiere of the song “photo Shoot”.

As it turned out, the Cords did the lead singer of the new song “photo Shoot” the coach of their team in the show “the Voice,” Victoria, viz. And the main heroine of the clip fancy socialite and fitness guru Natasha Davydova.

“What does everyone love? The humor, though, beautiful dresses and languid look into the lens of any gadget – said Victoria. – Pretentious speech in “Instagram” likes to post now every self-respecting modern woman. Here’s the “about them” will be discussed. Thank you Aunt Mota (Davydova), which for all of these “modern values” and boldly stepped forward, as you can see in the clip.”

Davydov admitted in a conversation with “MK” which always wanted to star in the video clip Shnurov.

– As the saying goes, dreams should be bold, otherwise it is not dreams and plans for the future, – said Davydov. And, no sooner had the ink to dry on paper with my requests, suddenly in the late evening during bed viewing no promises of a movie, the phone rang. It was a call from the celestial office to report that my request was heard, and I have a role in the music video of group “Leningrad”! I jumped on the bed, stomped through the house, screaming with joy! My participation in the video — it’s a big dream come true!