Cord remembered the Pechenegs and Polovtsy

Sergey Shnurov criticized the proposal of the energy Ministry to ban the import of cheap imported petrol. The singer wrote the lyrics, which I remembered and Pechenegs Polovtsy mentioned in address to the nation President Vladimir Putin.

The verses of the leader of group “Leningrad” published in your profile.

Why do you even need gasoline? Can be in debts to climb. ***** (Go) to the nearest store, while the money is there, the musician wrote.

Cord even compared to foreign producers of gasoline with the invaders who came to Russia “with swords”. The musician developed the theme with the ban, offering to give out coupons for domestic gasoline. And even then the fuel accurately enough for all, ironically the contractor.

Earlier reported that the moratorium on the import of cheap gasoline is necessary to support the Russian refineries in conditions of the crisis. This was stated by Minister of energy Alexander Novak.