Thousands of people comment on current topics every day on FOCUS Online. Lively discussions arise under some articles: This also applies to the lawsuit filed by a pensioner against the federal government. Some celebrate the 74-year-old, others see their project very critically. The article is one of the most commented articles of the week.

While the majority of the population will soon receive 300 euros in energy money, pensioners will get nothing. Gunhilde Köhler does not want to accept this and is suing the federal government. In an interview with FOCUS Online, the 74-year-old reports on what she considers to be unjust actions by the traffic light government

A topic that moves people. A controversial discussion arose on FOCUS Online this week.

The FOCUS Online user “Frank Langmeier” on the one hand praises the pensioner: “It’s great that the lady complained. Hopefully all the effort and toil is crowned with success for all retirees. Germany has over 20 million pensioners and they are all ripped off and allowed to pay taxes on what they have already paid taxes on, and then they are deliberately put on the back burner when it comes to grants for energy costs. (…)”

“Heiniken Batman” also joins the criticism of the government – like many others. The comment on says: “Simply typical for Germany. Our politicians earn so much money and soon even more, they may also have property and get the energy money. The pensioners don’t? What’s wrong with you politicians? You are so withdrawn and live in your capitalistic world full of hubris and arrogance that you no longer notice or want to notice what is happening to the people around you. (…) There is a need for action here!!!!”

But the issue of energy money for pensioners is also discussed controversially on FOCUS Online. Christian Gahn is not at all enthusiastic about Köhler’s approach: “I could burst there,” he writes on “(Most) pensioners in Germany are doing great. It is almost certain that my generation will no longer be able to do this. The current pensioners are the ones who haven’t had children, who have left us many, many debts. You always claim that you rebuilt Germany and who destroyed it? You want 300 euros? (…) By the way, my generation has to work at least twice as much as the ones who are now retired. 300 euros is ridiculous for an employee and a drop in the bucket. I think it was right not to pay the pensioners the 300 euros.” (Editor’s note: We have corrected any typographical errors for better readability.)

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