Chancellor Scholz is currently visiting China with Xi Jinping. The Chancellor’s trip is hotly disputed. After the talks with Prime Minister Li, he addresses the press. Read the press conference here in the minute minutes at FOCUS online.

After his talks with head of state and party leader Xi Jinping, Chancellor Olaf Scholz met with outgoing head of government Li Keqiang during his inaugural visit to China. The Prime Minister welcomed Scholz with military honors in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Friday. From 9.30 a.m. the two will address the press. Follow the press conference live on FOCUS online.

10.06 a.m .: This ends the press conference by Olaf Scholz and Li Keqiang. There are no questions from journalists. Thank you for reading along.

10.05 a.m .: Chancellor Scholz also confirms that human rights violations and other differences have also been openly addressed. He reiterates: “Difficult topics can be addressed better on a personal level.”

10:04 a.m .: The personal talks have made it clear that Europe and China must work together to tackle global problems. Scholz confirms that Germany only recognizes one China. However, any status changes around Taiwan must be peaceful.

10.02 a.m .: The Chancellor declares: “China must make a major contribution to combating climate change”. To this end, the two countries want to remain in exchange in discussion formats. Scholz invited Xi Jinping to become part of the alliance for global food security.

10 a.m.: Scholz acknowledges that relations and exchanges between the two countries have become more difficult over time. In the fight against climate change, for food security and against debt, Europe, China and the USA must work together.

9:58 a.m .: After the Ukraine crisis, it is now about the corona pandemic. The pandemic still has to be fought together. That’s why the two talked about Biontech’s vaccine approval in China. The vaccine manufacturers in both countries should work more closely together.

9:57 a.m .: Chancellor Olaf Scholz has asked China to use its influence on Russia to end the war in Ukraine. The governments in Beijing and Berlin agree that Russian threats with nuclear weapons are unacceptable

9.55 a.m .: Now Chancellor Scholz has the floor. He defended himself against the criticism, saying that the visit is particularly important at this time because China is responsible for world peace.

9:53 a.m .: Given the situation, peace talks are more important than ever. China calls for peace talks to be initiated between Russia and Ukraine.

9:52 a.m .: Climate change was also part of the talks between Scholz, Li and Xi. A mechanism should be installed for this. Li also addressed the war of aggression in Ukraine in the speech.

9.50 a.m .: Li speaks of a “promising future” for China and Germany. Li says China is trying to pay attention not only to its own needs but also to world developments. He talks about the global grain trade and energy.

9:48 a.m .: Li Keqiang explains that both countries have exchanged their concerns and concerns about economic projects. China and Germany want the door to both economies to be open.

9:46 am: Against the background of the global situation, Li reiterated that countries want to work together to support the “multipolarization of the world”. Relations must be improved so that world trade can be strengthened again.

09:44: The talks would have shown that China and Germany are important economies in today’s world. Despite the geographical distance, both countries are making progress in their mutual cooperation.

9:41 a.m.: The press conference begins. Li Keqiang has the floor and welcomes Scholz in Beijing.

The talks on Friday in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing should focus primarily on bilateral relations, the geopolitical upheaval caused by the Ukraine war and tensions over Taiwan. Scholz is the first Western head of government to meet Xi Jinping after his re-election as party leader.

The visit takes place under strict corona measures, as China is still pursuing a strict zero-Covid strategy. Xi Jinping greeted the chancellor without a mask, but there was no handshake. The two sat across from each other at two long tables. Scholz and his delegation move in a hermetically sealed “bubble”. That’s why the eleven-hour visit is shorter than any chancellor’s trip to China before.

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