The Ballermann hit “Layla” is currently causing a stir throughout Germany. It has already been banned at individual folk festivals because it is too sexist. The “Layla” artists should now appear in the ZDF “Fernsehgarten”. But: You have to censor your song.

Despite the continuing sexism debate about the Mallorca song “Layla”, the cult show ZDF “Fernsehgarten” has now invited the producers of the song. This is reported by the “Bild” newspaper.

DJ Robin and Apron are set to perform “Layla” on the show, which is scheduled to air July 31. According to the report, Ballermann songs have been frowned upon in recent years in the TV garden. The newspaper quoted an insider: “Any songs that are too ambiguous or use slurred language will not be shown on the show.”

According to the current debate, “Layla” would fall through the cracks. The solution: the makers of the song should rewrite the song, removing the passages that deal with sex. Only then are they allowed to play the song in the “Fernsehgarten”.

According to “Bild”, it would not be the first time that a song for the “Fernsehgarten” was rewritten. In 2015, Schlager star Peter Wackel is said to have rewritten his hit “Scheiss drauf” into the ZDF-friendly version “Pfeiff’ drauf”.

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