More than 40 people have contracted the coronavirus in the St. Petersburg psychiatric hospital named Kashchenko Infected in 28 patients and 16 employees, said on Sunday on his page on the social network "Vkontakte" the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

"unfortunately, the coronavirus continues to attack. Including the most vulnerable. COVID-19 was confirmed in 28 patients and 16 employees of a psychiatric hospital named Kashchenko", – stated in the message.

The mayor said that the hospital is subordinate to the city, but located in the village of Nikolskoye Gatchina district of the Leningrad region. In the near future, according to beglova, affected patients will be transferred to a separate hull city psychiatric hospital # 3 named after I. I. Skvortsova-Stepanova. There the first stage is deployed 70 beds, and then about a hundred for patients with mild and moderate form of the disease.

"In this case the prepared intensive care unit, and today finished the installation sanpropusknik gateways. Patient flows are separated. Hospital named after I. I. Skvortsova-Stepanova will continue accepting clean non-communicable disease patients through the emergency Department. As there was an infection in the hospital named Kashchenko will show the special investigation Commission", – said the mayor.

In the city psychiatric hospital №3 them. Skvortsova-Stepanova previously identified case of infection with coronavirus in Mariinsky hospital of St.-Petersburg has contracted 17 employees tested positive for the coronavirus got about 300 patients and staff of the Institute. Vreden, 111 research Institute of emergency care. Janelidze. Seven cases of infection were recorded from the doctors of the hospital of St. George, but they have returned to work after recovery. In addition, the quarantine is the surgical Department city clinical Oncology center, several offices SMRC Oncology. Petrova, clinic of them. Pirogov Saint Petersburg State University. Due to the discovery of the coronavirus in a patient limitations introduced in the clinic of Peter the Great; endocrinology and trauma Department Elizabethan hospital also closed for quarantine because cases of coronavirus.

In total, according to the latest data, in St. Petersburg revealed 5 029 cases of infection, according to this indicator it takes the third place among regions of Russia after Moscow and the Moscow region. Recovered after infection with coronavirus 1 061 people died 34.