I think it is startling and disappointing, ” says Bård Erlend Galåen.

three months ago, worth familiefaren a crushing victory over the company Nitteberg the West AS in the right.

the Reason was that he before huskjøpet had not been told that boligeiendommen to 5,3 million, is located over a closed and gas-producing landfill.

This should the developer and the seller informed, accepted the referee. The court ordered the company to buy back the house for the same amount that Galåen gave. On top came the replacement of 1.2 million and legal costs of 400,000 crowns.

the Company refused to accept the verdict. But a month after the appeal is delivered decides Nitteberg the West to turn the company bankrupt. The explanation is that the company is in the minus, at the same time as the owners do not want to shoot in more capital.

Thus, can the landlord see that long after the substitution that the district court believed he deserved. In the estate there is no money.

During the parts of the buildings is a søppeldeponi. To the right of the photo is the new boligfeltet Nitteberg Garden. To the left the older houses in the Brånåsdalen on Holt Vestvollen.

Photo: Thomas Martinsen / NRK

– the Company that has gone bankrupt has no known values out of them that have already been secured in connection with another of the lawsuits, says bostyrer Erling Opdal.

The second case concerns a conflict between the developer and the landowner. Where the company was ordered to pay 13 million in damages. Also this judgment was appealed, it goes out of the bostyrerens preliminary report.

Originally there were over 30 of the 50 homeowners in Nitteberg Garden announced that they would advertise on huskjøpet in 2018. It happened after the truth about the contaminated byggegrunnen came for a day. It was also measured søppelgass in some of the newly built dwellings.

Nitteberg the West has constantly maintained that it is completely safe to on Nitteberg and that it is only measured harmless amounts of methane.

–Took out large dividends

the neighborhood is bankruptcy a cold shower of reality for several reasons. The developer has not finished with the outdoor areas and for the NRK understand it is not yet given a certificate of completion.

at the same time rebel the residents that it is now insolvent company in the year shall be paid out 21 million in dividends to its owners. This also goes out of the bostyrerens preliminary report. The payout should have happened a week before the first trial.

– They have ongoing court proceedings against him, they choose to still take out tens of millions of dollars in dividends. And when the requirement to complete the houses come, choose rather to declare themselves bankrupt. I think that is remarkable and in my eyes, it is objectionable, ” says Bård Erlend Galåen.

Bård Erlend Galåen react to that boligutvikleren in the year paid a kjempeutbytte to their owners, now there is not money left for replacements.

Photo: Anders Fehn / NRK

Large the Oslo Property is a significant property developer in the metropolitan area with Meierikvartalet in Lillestrøm, norway as one of the most well-known projects.

the Company has had the project management for Nitteberg Garden at the same time as they have been big on ownership. They deny not that it was taken out dividends, but that this was within.

–There is nothing illegal or wrong with taking out dividends at that time, in my view, ” says the company’s lawyer Egil Hatling. the He adds that the decision was taken after consideration of both the advisors and the auditor.

But to bring out the many millions and at the same time several court proceedings ongoing and not finished with to make it to, is not it bad forretningsmoral?

– the Morals shall I say me. I pronounce to me about what was legal or not. And it is clear that it was legal to take out dividends at the time, maintains the lawyer.

Hatling claim the dividend in this context was about a refund of the invested funds. And that this is standard practice for such companies. He also claims that no shareholders have earned on the project.

But among the house owners fall harsh words about the company’s behavior.

Nitteberg Garden is located in the former Skedsmo municipality, but after the merger called Lillestrøm.

Photo: Anders Fehn / NRK

We as consumers have paid for an item we haven’t got. And in my eyes so it’s a scam, ” says Galåen.

you can See that some use words like scam about this?

–No, I don’t know, answer Hatling.

He emphasises that this is a very regrettable case, and that no one wanted this outcome.

– There is no basis for the continued operations of the company. Therefore, we must petition for insolvency, ” he says.

Bostyrer Erling Opdal tell NRK that he’ll investigate the payout of the proceeds, but that he currently can’t say whether he finds it objectionable or not.