Last week, the federal prosecutor’s office had 25 alleged Reich citizens arrested in a raid, including the ringleader of the group, Prince Heinrich XIII. Reuss. They are suspected of planning a coup against the political system.

As “Bild” now reports, citing insider information, Prince Henry XIII. visited the Russian Consulate General in Leipzig last June. There he and his Russian-born girlfriend, Vitalia B., celebrated the Russian national holiday. B. would have arranged the meeting in the Consulate General beforehand.

In the eyes of Günter Krings (CDU), legal policy spokesman for the Union faction, this meeting is a warning signal. It must be urgently checked “whether there are connections between the alleged conspirators and Russia,” Krings told “Bild”. Such interdependencies would further increase the danger posed to Germany by the citizens of the Reich. The investigations in this regard are in full swing.

According to a statement by the federal prosecutor, after the government was overthrown, they set up a transitional military government and negotiated the new state order in Germany with the Allied victorious powers of the Second World War. At this point in time, the terrorist group would have targeted Russia in particular as a contact.