In April, the Bank launched a new service fully remote vehicle sales, including used. About the first months of “Serato” in terms of quarantine, lending transactions with second-hand vehicle without viewing and interaction with dealers in an interview with “Kommersant” said the chief Executive officer classified services of Sberbank Oleg Golubtsov.— What is the current volume of transactions in the “Serato” and how do you assess the dynamics of demand in recent months?— The demand exceeded our expectations. We are now focused on expanding a successful experience inside the still evolving product. Our goal is to provide fulfillment schema (a set of operations from the date of registration of the order by the buyer and before receipt of the goods) to buy car online. We expect to hold sufficient for the pilot, the number of transactions is the turnover of hundreds of millions of rubles.— It’s the end of the year? Yes. And next year, when we implement all changes in terms of functionality, there is a very clear opportunity multiple to scale the business. Including have plans to use and offline channels: the savings Bank has largest network of branches. Plus our digital channels, for example, loans, insurance, etc.— The fact that you start in the period of limitations because of the coronavirus, gave a jump at the start?— The start was good. But purposefully we have not built in some distribution channels. If you take any business model that involves working with the consumer, the necessary marketing: the product itself does not scales. Now we consciously marketeres “Serato” and debugged the whole chain of functions and processes until the end of the year. There was information that “Serato” created exclusively for Cetelem Bank, and it will be a tool for the promotion of car loans in the “ecosystem” of Sberbank. Is that so?— No. You need to understand the essence: we make selling a car for a loan or credit for the sales machine? Of course, the second. At the head we have is the consumer. “Serato” is a fully independent company, as de jure and de facto, which, of course, uses the products of the ecosystem of the savings Bank, which is part of Cetelem Bank. “Cetelem” provides quality waste loan product. But, of course, is not the only product that uses and will use the “Serato”.For example, the second direction — work with “wealth Management” (which includes asset management, pension, insurance and Depository business of the savings Bank) to launch a unique insurance product: we want to create an insurance product with billing for mileage, use of telematics, “Satevis” (“smart” device using speech technology) and so on.— That is not before��was lagalos that the margin is due to car loan?— Take the American car dealers selling used cars. They have a 38% margin is due to sales of the so-called iron, from the margins to auto. About 29% by financial services finance and insurance (F&I). Consider the used car market. We have credit tools do not have such high penetration among customers used, as there are no transparent tools to estimate the cost of these machines. Think in this direction has great potential.— We have only recently begun to actively lend in this direction.— Yes, and maybe that’s why the penetration of products F&I low. But we as the owners of these products — credit and insurance — of course, have the opportunity to earn a significant amount. But in General there is also a fee for the transaction — a classic model where we give the client. We effectively build relationships with car dealers, while maintaining their economies and consolidating in their additional margin.— As a whole is now arranged, the whole chain of collaboration with partners?— We are… the Marketplace.— No, the fact of the matter is. There is evolution classified projects. The first step is an information resource, for example, “the”. The second was a transactional model of the marketplace when the product is exposed and further transactions taken by the Commission. The third stage of development — the so-called fulfillment services (the whole set of transactions) in which the “Serato”. The model close to Delivery Club or “Yandex.The food.” You pay the check to “Yandex.Food” or Delivery Club, this service has the whole service takes the product from restaurants and deliver to customers. The way we are. You choose the car on our platform, and we implement the whole chain, including consultation required for the customer additional products — insurance, credit, delivery.— Preparing the car for the results after all the car dealerships?— They are ready — we pick up, we bring.— But it’s still an important part of the entire sales process.— Yes, of course. We as distribution channel can make penetration much deeper service — increasing customer loyalty, optimizing the cost of the dealership by transferring the transaction online. This is very important.Why? Because we have a large customer base and have savings ID — users can login to the mobile app “Serato” using unified login system which allows you to save time and carry out convenient and safe entrance. Maintain loan product involves the opening of a credit account. According to 115-FZ in order to open a credit account, you need your offline presence. And as we have already decorated more than 90 million people, which means that we can provide a service really p��lectu online for most people.— In the automotive market, traditionally skeptical of the statements of “Serato”? Remembered, including the unsuccessful experience of “Yandex”, which tried to sell the car, opening point offline.— The main problem faced by all transaction or classified model, how to lead consumer. This is important and is the most expensive. How to make user came to your site and the transaction is carried out through you? Sberbank has already formed an extensive experience in direction, for example, of consumer loans. People come to us, we take a consumer loan, and then we can see how they purposefully used to buy a car b/y. It is a significant amount, this is a potential users “Serato”. All clients of Sberbank we will offer to use “Serato”.Similar grocery chain we have seen in the “Doclick”, which is annexed to the mortgage high quality client support, and now this is a useful and convenient service for customers.— The car market can tell you: when you come into the showroom, you get the chance if you do not bargain, just to hear what you have to offer. Same thing with the loans with interested dealers who earn on financial services: we can offer the best conditions. You have the same the dealer wins from the sale of financial services.— We have already signed agreements with a large number of dealerships, more than 320. If we say that the dealer makes a lot of money in financial products, it’s more about the new cars. While used cars have huge potential. In addition, keep the consultation in the chat mode, as it turned out, much more comfortable for our customers than it is to take annoying conversations in real life. Is a stress, because it is still the seller will sell something. Have mechanics that we are developing, conversion to sales is high, the reviews are great. At first all works well, customers are satisfied.— But, on the other hand, you start in the period when the motor was not working, and people sat at home. This is the relevant data?— Will look at the interval. But this behavior pattern as part of our assessment looks quite convenient and relevant for consumers. Also, in terms of the expected conversion it is quite comfortable to carry out the plans that we set as a target. We remove all the stress that a potential customer could experience itself, passing through a chain of communications with different vendors and dealers.— But due to this, the consumer saves money or not?— Our task, of course, to give a product that is not only functional, but also the best consumer characteristics, including as the final cost of the car. We look and interact with car dealerships, our client support already implements additional discounts for customers.— But due to the margin you give nothing?— No, not yet. We will potentially be able to give discounts from their own margin, because unlike the dealerships we are the owners of financial products. So we have reserve margins on these products are much higher. From 1 June you sell directly to the Jeep and announced a discount of 50 thousand rubles for the car. Dealers said that given the high cost of the machine, you can get a discount on this car and 200 thousand RUB. do Not you think that your discounts are too small?— Our discount additional discount to the dealer. What you say, 200 thousand rubles., is a discount from the recommended retail price. In addition, there are discounts that are available to manufacturers and dealers. In this particular concept, we work directly with the manufacturer and then get the car exactly the same amount for which they get dealers. All margins, which potentially gets the dealer due to the implementation, we give in the form of discounts for the customer. Buying a new Jeep through “Serato” cheaper than dealers.— Do you have plans to launch direct cooperation with other corporations, except a Jeep?— In the active phase we have talks with many automakers.— This is also a premium segment?— There are a massive.— Working with dealers, you get a percentage of the transaction amount, or you have a fixed amount for accommodation?— A percentage of the transaction. Imagine, we come to our partners and say that we stand in all branches of Sberbank, the entire chain of customer interactions will be snapped to “Sperato”. We say — let us this year, we shall build up a relationship with you will not take a penny for accommodation. When we begin to scale sales, all users will be able to purchase cars from you.— You have the ambition to compete with “the” for the traffic?— In my opinion, the cycle of development of the global Internet has reached the stage where competition is not for traffic, and consumer characteristics. The question is, what ultimately will be the product offering.We do not compete with “the”. They say: “come to us, see information about cars”, we say: “come on “Serato” and buy a car at the best conditions” is a different story. I consider the “Serato” as e-commerce platform. We have different products: acquiring, insurance, loan, shipping, and others. We can work together with the automaker to create programs to interact, organically embedding the chain. The first steps we have done, and our goal is to become a full-fledged Uchasticom market. You plan to sell more used cars than new?— The main potential I see in the secondary segment. In our country more than 50 million cars, it is not subject to any crisis, people will buy and sell these cars.— Do you plan to work selling cars not only dealers but individuals?— We will cooperate with everyone.— But there is the problem of evaluation of the car, and the problem of twisted mileage, about which all know. We give out consumer credits, which are then used to purchase a car. One of the main areas as the creation of a more attractive credit conditions, which will allow you to work with risks so that studying and getting more information about the car, this risk is reduced. Reducing the risk, in certain cases, we increase the attractiveness of the final credit.— Do you have plans to open some kind of offline-point inspection of cars?— Now we have the opportunity assessment of the state of the car. There are technicians in the field on the basis of our partners. Built to the chain thus to be discounted, for example, or to increase the attractiveness of the destination credit no. And whether it will be potentially made or will work in this direction — Yes.Interview by Olga Nikitina