Beverage manufacturers in Germany are currently struggling with a lack of carbon dioxide. In an interview with the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, the managing director of the German Brewers’ Association (DBB), Holger Eichele, says that some companies have to reduce their production or temporarily stop completely.

The shortage also ensures that the prices for CO2 explode. Before the Russian attack on Ukraine, a ton cost about 100 euros. In the meantime, sometimes up to 800 euros are required. In addition, there are commission payments to the dealer, some of which are just as high. In September, the first manufacturers had to stop production completely.


However, there are not only problems with the carbonic acid. Other products required for production have also become many times more expensive in the past. Eichele cites brewing malt as an example. A ton cost less than 400 euros in 2019. In the meantime, sometimes more than 1000 euros are due.

The brewing industry is therefore now hoping for help from politicians. In particular, the announced brakes for gas and electricity prices could provide a significant relaxation.

In the meantime, the brewing industry is trying to help itself. An online platform was launched a few weeks ago to bring carbon dioxide suppliers and buyers together. Although this is an important building block, it cannot save the entire industry, says Eichele.

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