the Rules have been clear from the prime minister Mette Frederiksen recent weeks: We must not gather more than 10 persons in Denmark.

The tried Christian Strong and Jesper Olsen to tell a crowd of young people Saturday evening in Frederikssund. The cost of a trip in the asphalt.

It tells the Christian Strong to B. T. on Tuesday:

“We went through the city and said to a bunch of young people, that they were too many gathered, and it was against the rules. They were so angry, and we got the planer.”

Christian Strong and Jesper Olsen has been a part of the viking play at Frederikssund in many years, and it was on the way home from it, when the confrontation happened.

He adds that the youth assembly of the dealt blow:

“They draw us apart, and we smoking on the ground. Then Jesper four kicks in the chest, while I get two kicks in the head. The whole thing lasted probably about five minutes.”

Christian Strong does not remember exactly how many of the young people was, but he guess they were between 12 and 15 people.

Christian Strong says that the entire first escalated, then he would have proof that the young people broke the rules.

“They start to shout that we must close the arse, and we’re some old fools. When I will film them with my phone, they become acidic and goes to attack.”

the Assembly stole the mobile phone, but it was found relatively soon after the episode with the help from the police.

Anyway, the police have not yet identified any of the young people. They had thrown the cell phone from them as they ran.

Christian Strong tell that the Jesper Olsen managed to get in touch with the police, which subsequently was rapidly advancing.

“I remember that we can still see the butt of the last, which runs as patruljevognen are promoting. It took the police no time to come.”

the Men from the viking play at Frederikssund pointed out to the police, that it would be a good idea to check the overvågningsvideoer.

the attack on the Christian Strong and Jesper Olsen came to pass just out in front of a Net, so they believe that the boys may have been inside the store.

Despite a stolen cell phone and two kicks in the head are Christian Strong not afraid to walk on the street.

“When you have reached 60 years and has been a viking in 25 of them, so you need more to make me afraid,” he says, and continues:

“I think the most important thing this time is that adults are people dare to stand up in front of some fools who break the rules.”

And it is not the first time that the Christian Strong and Jesper Olsen experience young people who break the rules.

So some people kept the celebrations in one of their common houses, where they play viking games. One house has almost been burned to the ground.

There was, however, quiet at the houses Saturday night, when Christian is Strong and Jesper Olsen checked them.

the prime minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, extended the ban in the country at a press conference on Monday evening.

This means that we must not be collected more than 10 persons in Denmark to 10. may. If the number is increased subsequent, is not known.