Due to the postponement of this summer’s european football championship, allowed the women and U21 men to delay their european championship finals.

The union of European Football associations (Uefa) to postpone both women’s european championship and men’s U21-EM from 2021 to 2022.

It confirms the Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) on its website after Wednesday’s videoconferencing between Uefa and the governors from all 55 national football associations in Europe.

the Delay happens as a result of the current coronakrise has forced Uefa to postpone this summer’s european championship finals for the summer of 2021, where it will collide with both the men’s U21-european championship and the women’s european championship finals.

The collision is now cancelled with the move of the latter two finals to 2022.

in Addition, it is also clear that all international matches, which was scheduled to be held in June, is postponed indefinitely.

DBU’s new director, Jacob Jensen, also participated in the meeting with the Uefa on Wednesday. He is happy with the decision.

– We are in an extraordinary crisis in the Danish society and in most of Europe. DBU has from the start backed up on the Danish authorities ‘ decisions and recommendations, and we also support Uefas decisions that are both responsible and sensible, he says in the press release.

public Health is always more important than football, and we must not risk that football carries the infection further around the community.

– of course It is a pity that our national team should not play in front of our many Danish fans in June, but it is a necessary decision.

There had previously been talk that both the women’s european championship and men’s U21-european championship in 2021 could just be pushed a little in each direction during the summer in order not to patch over with EM 2020, which a week ago was pushed a year.

However, Uefa has chosen to push both of the affected finals a whole year, and it is Jacob Jensen also quite happy with.

– In an optimal world was the finals tournament for the women’s team and the U21-men settled as planned, says Jacob Jensen.

– Overall, it’s good for the women’s team and female football to get better space and more attention in the summer of 2022, where we can create a big football feast.

The exact dates for the two deferred finals and the postponed matches from June is not yet known.