Despite protests from the teachers’ association, parents in Hesse should still be able to decide whether their child goes to high school. The teachers complain that the students are overwhelmed.

In Hesse, parents’ wishes should continue to be decisive for the choice of secondary school. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Culture confirmed this on Friday upon request.

In doing so, the state rejected a demand from teachers. The German Teachers’ Association in Hesse had called for a reintroduction of the mandatory primary school recommendation and, among other things, referred to Baden-Württemberg, where this step is planned. The private broadcaster Hit Radio FFH initially reported on Hesse’s attitude.

According to the German Teachers’ Association in Hesse, the current “arbitrariness in school choice and the rush to high school” often leads to children being overwhelmed and ultimately failing.

The green-black coalition in Baden-Württemberg wants to make the primary school recommendation more binding again. In the future, it will consist of three components: teacher recommendation, performance test and parents’ request. If two of them agree, that should be the deciding factor. If the parents still want to send their child to high school, the child should take another test in the future.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Culture in Wiesbaden explained: “It is currently the case in Hesse that the choice of educational course after attending primary school is the responsibility of the parents.” This is regulated in the school law. “The class conferences make a recommendation for each child for further education. This recommendation is not binding,” she explained.

If the parents maintain their different choice after further consultation, the transferring school will inform the class conference of the desired school of this with a file note about the consultation and the written reasons.

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