“More and more women are completely exhausted and suffer from burnout,” says Helen Heinemann, head of the Institute for Burnout Prevention. Being a mother can quickly make you despair. FOCUS online tells you what signs you need to know.

In the morning already in a bad mood and every day is difficult to master.

Something always hurts. The back, the head, the belly. “Affected women often suffer from severe tension and are particularly susceptible to infections,” says Helen Heinemann.

Your nerves are on edge. What used to make you smile is now driving you crazy. Crumbs under the kitchen table, one “Mama, Mama, Mamaaaaaa” too many, and you’re bubbling.

You are easily irritated – there is a basic inner aggression in you that really gets you down.

You feel emotionally drained. One of the key symptoms of burnout. Your soul says, “I can’t take it anymore!”

You feel depressed and have difficulty controlling your emotions, you start crying or have temper tantrums out of the blue, you are anxious, listless and discouraged.

You are also physically at the end of your strength. There’s just no energy left in you. You feel weak and suffer from chronic fatigue. Tiredness overtakes you all the time. “In the evening on the sofa, your eyes close,” says Helen Heinemann.

Days off or holidays don’t help anymore either. You find it difficult to recover.

They are particularly prone to sleep disorders! They just don’t fall asleep in the evening or wake up every night. And then it starts: the thought carousel that can no longer be switched off. “Trouble sleeping is a clear sign that body and soul are burned out.”

You find it difficult to concentrate – you make mistakes all the time.

You would like to throw everything away. You just want peace and quiet and have the feeling that you are no longer up to your tasks. Listlessness and listlessness rule your everyday life.

Your interest in family, work, your friends, hobbies, and yourself fades.

Loser, failure, incompetent – that’s how you feel. You used to be so talented… Now you keep asking yourself: where have they gone, my skills, my drive, my power? No matter what you tackle and do, nothing fulfills you more.

You are only dissatisfied, nothing makes you happy anymore.

If these symptoms apply to you, get help. You are not alone. See a doctor or nurse. They can help you and direct you to suitable specialists.

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