The situation on the gas market remains tense, and the second of three alarm levels has been in effect since Thursday. The head of the Federal Network Agency believes it is possible that Russia will stop deliveries completely. “Most scenarios are not pretty.”

The President of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, believes it is possible that Russia will completely stop supplying gas to Germany through the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1. “We cannot rule it out,” he said on Friday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. That is why the Federal Network Agency calculated various scenarios. “Most scenarios are not nice and mean either too little gas at the end of winter or – very difficult situation – in autumn or winter.”

Russia has already severely curtailed its gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in the Baltic Sea. With a sinking feeling, the industry and the government are looking forward to the maintenance of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which begins on July 11. The process, which lasts several days, is actually an annual routine. But this time the question arises as to whether Russia will actually turn on the gas tap again after ten days.

On Thursday, the federal government declared the second of the three levels, the alarm level. The reason for this is that Russia has significantly reduced its gas supplies via the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1. It is unclear whether and when the next stage has to be declared.

Müller called for energy saving. “Everyone in industry and privately can contribute to this – and yes, that also includes the pullover, the shower head, turning the heating down a bit, all of that helps,” he said. In any case, one has to reckon with the fact that consumer prices could double or triple, depending on the building envelope. Therefore, the citizens should save money and talk to the landlords in the direction of autumn. “Now there is still something you can do.”