Every driver needs to have a liability insurance and their benefits are defined by law. Depending on the provider, the premiums can vary, but massive, like a new evaluation of the Online comparison service, Comparis.ch. As an example, a VW Golf is used: Depending on the insurance motorists to pay almost Double the amount, namely, up to 91 percent more for the same services!

About 250 Swiss francs to save

So in the case of Generali and Mobiliar, where a male driver to lie down to 530 francs for the annual liability insurance. The same offer at the direct insurer Smile.Direct for 278 francs. For women, the price is a difference of 80 percent to 510 Swiss francs in the case of Generali and 504 francs in the case of furniture, compared to 284 Swiss francs with Smile.Direct.

differences also in the case of jungle core

Not quite so extreme, the premium differences for Young link. Under the 25-year-old men pay at the Zurich 770 Swiss francs, an increase of 79 percent more than in the case of Axa, with 431 francs. Even Young drivers can save suppliers up to 81 percent. Most expensive provider, is also here in Zurich 745 Swiss francs. Axa estimated to be in contrast, for the same performance 411 francs.

men do not always pay more

young men pay more in premiums than women of the same age, is confirmed in the evaluation, not always: In the case of Generali, for example, young drivers pay inside, 17 percent more than their male counterparts. And also in the choice of direct insurers, the refrain of agencies, and online-only offer, is not automatically more money in your wallet. So young drivers pay inside at Elvia with 614 CHF 40 per cent more than in the case of Dextra, with 439 Swiss francs. “It is worthwhile to reconsider annually the own premiums”, that’s the key Comparis-mobility expert Andrea Auer on the point.