Keep your distance.

The two words are about something been said again and again with the hope and the goal to break every year, and really get the hang of coronakrisen that right now stuns both Denmark and the rest of the world. But it is not all of the sites, it will be complied with.

The latest week’s time, commuters several times seen to stand in a crowded train between Sweden and Denmark, when large groups of air travelers landing in Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup.

It is due to, among other things, to the police because of coronakrisen has closed down for the number of trains across the Sound to only be one train an hour, where before it was completely up to six. It wrote TV 2 Lorry so on Tuesday.

This means that the fewer trains, is overcrowded, and it means that the recommendations to keep two meters distance is not respected.

In the Facebook group BroenLive, there are also several Øresundspendlere, that tells about their experiences with the age of the train, like several also have put pictures up of people who are quite close to each other.

the Problem is not diminished by the fact that many of these people is someone who comes from abroad and, therefore, must directly home in quarantine.

One of the commuters is Niels Ove Bjerre, five times a week, and commute between Sweden and Denmark, and who has several times witnessed how the train has been filled, as soon as it got past the airport.

“You are already inside the train, and when I stood on, there has been good space. But then it will be filled up, at least around where I’ve been,” he said to B. T., and continues:

“It is uncomfortable for you think of course that you will want to protect themselves and not be infected, so as to expose his loved ones to the danger. I do therefore very much out of taking all the precautions, but it is difficult, if a train, I’m sitting in, all of a sudden becomes filled up.”

another commuter describes, for example, in the group, how he saw a traveler, having both the cough and the nyste out in the air, while he stood quite close to the other passengers.

‘I commute daily between Malmö and Copenhagen, and I find that it is completely wrong with people with suitcases. The other day I saw an older, tanned man who stood with his huge trunk and with a mask on. Every time he would cough or nyste, he took the mask off and coughed straight out in the air towards the other passengers, and so he put the mask on again.’

B. T. have been in contact with the DSB’s information services manager Tony Bispeskov, which has an appeal to many commuters.

“Our appeal is that people respect the recommendations are to keep distance. And unfortunately, it is not always that we experience, that there is an awareness around it,” he says.

DSB, detects how many available seats there are in each train, and here they have this week could state that there have been departures, where there have been over 100 seats available in each train to and from copenhagen airport, Kastrup.

“however, It is not the same as to say, that there may be some parts of the train, where people might stand and huddle together,” says informationschefen.

“We appeal, therefore, really to have people help us with it here, but there is so space. But it is important that one keeps the distance to other people.”