autumn is moving in slowly. What goes better with a rainy, cold, maybe even snowy night than a good story? Fairy tales are not only for kids! And in Switzerland there are so many fairy tales, legends and myths, and you can quickly lose the Overview.

Because virtually every city and every little village seems to have its own myths and fairy tales.

There are the big, epic sagas, which are known by everyone, such as, for example, the construction of the devil’s bridge in the schöllenen gorge, or of course the popular myth, per se, Wilhelm Tell. But then there are also little-known stories like the plague-tree of Linn AG or the witch plate in Mels, SG.

Your village surrounds a particular myth? We want to hear it! In your area, rumors of a haunted history, or lived circulating with you once a witch in the forest? Tell us right here via the form: