the President of France, Emmanuel Macron makes the Grand gesture in order to move Big: the all-Round renewal of the European Union. His call appeared as if it was a listing of the Elysée Palace yesterday at the same time in Newspapers in all 28 EU member States and in the Western Swiss “Le Temps”.

The Text contains, in addition to the usual bombast a lot of concern value for the “sagging” of the EU, as Macron is called the primary addressee. But also highly Questionable for the not or soon will not. So he cleans off the Brexit-British, slightly simplified, as the criminally insane, nationalistic fools.


the summit of arrogance Macron is doing compared to Switzerland. Not to mention our country explicitly, he makes no difference between EU and Europe, he is from above, coming down the Tariff. He wants a rethink of the Schengen area, to which we belong, “new” and propagated a “common asylum policy with uniform rules”, a “common border police”, a “European Asylum office”.

shrill As the bells in Switzerland to the alarm, this is a few decibels louder than the whistles of the French yellow West. Nothing against coordinated action and common strategies that is meaningful and effective.

But the unit of the police and the Brussels Asylum center are the last thing an independent state in Hand. And the First thing that will list Swiss EU-phobia sufferers now, if you denounce examples of arrogance and remoteness of their enemy image. In this case, you do it completely right.

Existing instead of changing the

And you are not alone: Even within the EU many people have the nose fully from centralized, often elitist posturing. But you Macron, even if he pretends to be different, precisely the confirmation of the Existing instead of the prospect of change. “Renewal” is different, at least from the point of view of the citizens.

Calming is not the only thing that Macron speaks with his appeal for the EU. The beleaguered Frenchman wants to words rather its importance.