the Sports world knows of the commentator Alexandra Elagina. He is a scholar of world football, the voice of the English Premier League and world football Championship 2018. It’s in one life. And in another, he – Alexander Masalov, the actor of theatre “At Nikitsky gate” with professional experience of more than 40 years. Taking his mother’s maiden name as an alias, Alexander successfully drove his youthful interests – theater and sports to career peak. About love to the “team creation”, his own death and Salieri in recreations of the play “Amadeus” in an interview with “MK”.

Which came first: a love of theatre or sport?

I was born with love and that and the other Although my family adored the movie, not the theatre. I grew up in the working class district – Zamoskvorechye, on Losinovka. Now our house is already broke. And then we ran into the famous cinema Petrel (now the town Hall. – I. N.), where they filmed “the meeting Place cannot be changed”. This was our second home. Mom was a fantastic kinomanka and took me almost all sessions. In the third and fourth class even otpasoval from school, and we went to watch “the Three Musketeers”, “the Crusaders”, “Fanfan-Tulip” and the movie with Gerard Philippe.

– A football from the Pope?

– Like all boys, we are constantly chasing the ball in the yard. Mytnaya was a stadium of “Red proletarian”, in which I spent day and night.

But with all this learning you went to journalism school.

I didn’t think me in whatever was necessary to enter the theatre. Came to the Shchukin school until the 3rd round. But take it carelessly, totally not prepared and failed. I already was a popular theatre ZIL with the great Sergei Lvovich Stein. And after he returned from the army, I came to the Novel by G. Viktuk worked with for 7 years. That is, I even did not occur to enroll in drama school.

what was interesting life in the student theatre of Moscow state University! They played everything from the chauffeur to the Professor of Moscow state University. For example, Vsevolod Mikhailovich Shestakov, who has starred and played Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov at the Taganka – doctor of technical Sciences. Or Auerbach E. R. – doctor of mathematical Sciences. I was the youngest in the theater, but they accepted me as an equal.

– At 23, the Roman Viktyuk has given you a major role in the drama “My friend Mozart”.

– Yes, it’s a great thing! And partners are! I came to the show for the 50th anniversary of Leonid Markov was his partner. I remember he took me by the hand and we walked riptape of the Mossovet theatre. I was hammered and young. Yes, and how could it be otherwise, when the next Nina Drobysheva, Sasha len’kiv, Rita Terekhova, Yuri Kuzmenkov and, of course, Leonid.

How did they treat you? Still young artist.

– They are professionals. And that’s it. I have noticed, the higher a person is, the easier it is. It is now “all-stars” is full, and those artists were blocks. They communicated with me on equal terms. Yuri Kuzmenkov often picked up on his “Zhiguli” from Ostankino, where they filmed the show, to Scherbakovskaya (now metro Alekseevskaya).

journalism you immediately began to focus in the direction of sports journalism?

– Sport I never let go. Since childhood I have been collecting football and hockey magazines. And, in fact, thanks to these archives then produced original programs on television.

so, you are simultaneously developed in two different directions.

– They are not different. It works, and the collective. For the movie do not presume to say. It is I, frankly, don’t like it. I tried a couple of times, but it did not. You may not believe me, but I never wanted to do. To me it was boring. Although I have debuted Oscar-winning Czech Director Jiri Menzel in “Life and extraordinary adventures of private Ivan Chonkin”. He, like Milos Forman, the great Creator. Of course, there was a small role, but we shot for 2 weeks. While there I asked for it, with the movie still didn’t happen.

But more than 30 years you serve in the theater “Nikitsky gate.”

– Only do not serve. Work. I don’t like the word “serve.” In the theater it is necessary to plow and not to serve. But it is a question of terminology.

Developing in parallel two career will surely end up in a situation where performance and a football match fall on the same day. Which do you choose?

– Oh, this is terrible! And I fell in it more than once. Then the match had to pass. Of course, when I have the reserves in the squad, so I replaced. And when one the role, then nothing will. The benefit of good matches, like Champions League, coming later. So I have time. By the way, mark Rozovsky – the fan “Spartaka” and all my life I root for the Dynamo.

You all the time, is credited with the love for different clubs: “Spartacus”, “Dimane”, “Liverpool”.

I’m always rooting for Dinamo. And “Spartak” has arisen because work on television. Then they first began to broadcast the home games of “Spartak”. It was an absolute Paradise, because there was remarkably creative work. It was then that I got acquainted with Oleg Romantseva (Soviet football player and the most decorated coach in the history of the Championships of Russia on football. – I. N.), the entree was “the Village” (the sports center “Spartak”. – I. N.), was ruskovilla Egor Titov, Andrey Tikhonov.

Think you are very lucky to have partners.

– It’s not luck, and plowing. I worked all my life. In University, slept with books – I have no triples in the diploma no. Because that was the incentive to my family and small child. And then realized that there is a theater that I can’t lose. Fate has given me many opportunities for ��of samovyrazheniya. I was dying, but he did. Could not sleep, sacrifice health, but never spared myself. Me and people the same surround. Here Rozovsky as an example. He has a performance “self-Immolation”. So he’s taking up every show. These people need to be leveled.

– And Tabakov dub when rehearsing the role of Salieri in the remake of “Amadeus”?

Well where I am and where Oleg Pavlovich? How can I to compare myself to the greatest of all actors? Tobacco is the brand. It nights people stood for tickets. But if he played, then I can’t now? I’m kind of doing this and are not afraid of comparisons.

– in General interestingly it turns out that in 23 years you played Mozart at Viktyuk, then watched “Amadeus” on the stage of theatre “ABC” in Czechoslovakia. Themselves out on the stage in the role Wynn in “Uncle Vanya”, when he came to the Days of Moscow as part of cultural delegations. And now, several decades later, again, “Amadeus”. I considered it – to play me Mozart or Salieri?

– Mozart, but Salieri had always wanted. 5 years ago we Rozovsky talked about it. He asked what I dream of. I replied: “I Want to play Salieri”. Then it was impossible to do – the diocese of Oleg Pavlovich. Maybe part of their harassment I encouraged Mark G. restore performance. But I didn’t know what you’re getting into.

Salieri – very deep character with unattractive personal qualities. Envy, for example.

Why ugly? This is a normal human feeling. The play by Peter Shaffer ingenious that it tells not about “mozartiana” and “solarise”. It’s about normal human relationships in the sphere of art. Envy is the engine of the theater. But there’s still the tragedy of a man who understands his place. He plowed all his life, suffered, but never achieved what is given to Mozart at the wave of a finger. It is not enough just to see and admire, we must also understand that “I can’t”. Terrible to realize their futility against the background of a brilliant nugget. You pore over every note and he writes sheet of their works.

– And you were jealous of someone in a professional capacity?

– of Course. When I was at University, I was jealous of Nikolai Ozerov, Vladimir of Maslachenko, not knowing that I would be their colleague. I did not miss a single match and ever wished to learn also to comment on the sport. We must pay tribute to my parents, they were allowed to watch TV all night: hockey, football, athletics. I knew all sports.

But it is the envy of the opportunities that may appear. And I’m asking about the ability, as in the case of Mozart and Salieri.

Then no. I was lucky to have teachers and me, shall we say, celebrated. It may sound immodest, but it is. Envied me, and it is natural��Tenno. And once I was envious. I worked all the time and work.

– Now the pandemic is in the early stages you have, in fact, eliminated both activities.

So it’s temporary. The earth has experienced plague, cholera, smallpox, AIDS. We the coronavirus will not survive? Terribly sorry for the people who died because of him. Especially in our enlightened XXI century to die of SARS – kind of ridiculous. It is necessary to observe elementary safety measures and take care of personal hygiene.

– I am Not afraid now of losing their jobs?

– I’m afraid of losing loved ones. And work I always find. Without it I will not.

– With your diverse skills…

– They must be earned. I worked all my life, so received. It is given to everyone, but we’re lazy by nature. And I’m lazy. But they made me life. Therefore it is impossible to stop. I literally died in 2014. When I went to “Uncle Vanya” I have a clot. Then it turned out that was a pulmonary embolism. But I finished the show, we smoked with artists, drove to the house. And then I twice fainted. Woke up, called her daughter, called an ambulance. That is about two days, I went with a torn clot. I saved an Intern. He said that the case of the clot. To do surgery was pointless, so they decided to dissolve. So I was literally born a second time. It was, incidentally, the opening day of the Sochi Olympics.

Actors and athletes – some of the most superstitious professions. Do you believe in any superstitions?

No. It’s all nonsense. You’re either ready or not ready. The rest is excuses. The real test is a serious role. In the same 2014 I, mark G. gave Wynn in “Uncle Vanya.” The production ran for 1.5 years, and I was injected instead of Sergei Desnitsky. Played in Moscow once, and went on tour in Kiev. Before the second concert in the Rozovsky had a dreadful fight. A half hour before going on stage he said, “All you’re doing is absolutely wrong”. While playing you still need.

We reached the scene when Wynn shoots at Serebryakov. Its played Igor Starosel’tsev. We had a cap pistol. So it didn’t work. And I, in order to move the stage, threw it at Igor. The heavy gun flew right next to his ear. And then the text. “I have not got?” – asks the Wynn. “Don’t hit” – meets Serebryakov. Here we are in a semiconscious state uttered it.

– You need the audience’s recognition?

the Applause is very nice. But I get pleasure from work. The chief judge for an actor is you. I don’t care a lot of viewers or a little. It was nice to play in a full room, but it’s not the most important. I do believe that the applause are not the measure. Far more valuable when you make compliments to colleagues. Especially through his teeth. If I don’t clap, it doesn’t mean that I failed the stage. I only play for myself and get enormous pleasure.