Climate change is reality. And lignite is a climate killer. So protesting against it is understandable. But what a spokeswoman for the “Lützerath Leben” initiative is now demanding is evidence of left-wing extremist sentiment. In doing so, she is doing the climate protection movement a disservice – and revealing a highly questionable understanding of the state.

The right to demonstrate is an important asset of our democratic constitutional state. The hamlet of Lützerath is the symbol of the climate protection movement, which many opponents of lignite had to defend to the end. Even Luisa Neubauer and Greta Thunberg had traveled to the grand finale specifically in order to present themselves to the public at their protest. gift.

However, when stones and firecrackers are thrown at police officers from among the most active, then something is fundamentally wrong. Especially when the same groups later complain about alleged police violence. It must be clear to everyone that the hustle and bustle of clearing such a large area can sometimes be rough. Unfortunately there were injuries. On both sides.

To date, however, there has been no confirmation of “life-threatening injuries” from the ranks of the activists, as they initially complained about and later partially retracted. But the pattern is clear: constant exaggeration. Again and again it is said: “Police violence!” That alone is already dangerous because it discredits the state security organs in general and as a whole and places them in a corner where they simply do not belong.

What a spokeswoman for “Lützerath Leben” is now saying in a press release is evidence of a deep-seated anti-democratic attitude that cannot go unchallenged.

The climate activist can be quoted there as follows: “In connection with Lützerath, police violence was also unleashed against white privileged demonstrators and therefore receives such attention. However, for people affected by racism and otherwise marginalized, this violence is an everyday reality without being talked about.”

And further: “In the medium term, we must abolish the police as an organ that primarily supports the interests of a capitalist system and repeatedly puts people’s health and lives at risk.”

This is an outrageous and completely undifferentiated accusation that has not been proven in any way. The police do not rely on the interests of a capitalist system and risk people’s lives to do so. If there’s one thing we shouldn’t abolish in Germany, it’s the police.

What the authors of this outrageous message failed to understand is that the police also protect their interests. Without them, our state system would collapse. Exactly the state system that not only ensures these activists their freedom to demonstrate, but also the economic basis. From which they also benefit. For example, as a beneficiary of a free education system. One thing is clear: there is no rule of law without the police. And activists will also invoke their rights from time to time.

It is highly dangerous to stage yourself with such police bashing. Extremist groups are happy to accept such thoughts and feel strengthened in their rejection of the state. Anyone who wants to protect the climate should also defend democracy and its executive.

It is precisely these women and men in uniform who save people and by no means jeopardize their health or even their lives.

During their visit to the Rhenish Revier, Luisa Neubauer and Greta Thunberg showed solidarity with “Lützerath is alive”. In the face of such left-wing extremist statements, they must distance themselves from this group of enemies of the state.