A person calmly cuts through a fence, then several activists jokingly run through this hole and onto the runway of an airport. For many long minutes these young people walk the runways completely undisturbed before police and security forces finally intervene.

This action by the climate activists from “Last Generation” at Germany’s capital airport BER, documented via live stream, must have been the last of its kind. Damage to property, coercion, resistance to law enforcement officers, trespassing, dangerous intervention in road traffic, public incitement to commit crimes – that’s enough!

The state must finally develop a plan on how to deal with these chaotic people and how to stop these protests with a heavy hand.

Because it’s been a long time since they were harmless protests, some of them are crimes that endanger others. The airport activists are representatives of the group that has already soiled paintings and buildings and stuck themselves to highways in recent weeks. The example of a seriously injured cyclist in Berlin shows what can happen. An emergency vehicle arrived late because it got stuck in the traffic caused by Last Generation. The woman died

At this point in time, it appears that no one was harmed in the airport action. But the “Last Generation” has made it clear that they are willing to cross every border in the truest sense of the word. The state can no longer wait until many more innocent people are harmed in these reckless actions again and then.

Bavaria has done it. There, activists were taken into custody for a month as a precaution. clear edge. The names and meeting places of the group are known, after all they do extensive public relations work on the Internet. Anyone known to be involved in such insane activities should fear immediate jail for a period of time.

But it is also clear that no one wants to shut the climate activists up. On the contrary: sensational protests are right and a loud but also credible climate movement is important in view of the still inadequate climate policy. But part of a constitutional state is that you stick to the rules and accept a limit. And the “last generation” has now crossed this line at the latest and thus finally lost its own credibility.