The staging of Christian Lindner’s wedding is controversial. He gets support, but also criticism. Our author thinks: The chancellor in particular should have behaved differently.

We treat everyone to their dream wedding. And we wholeheartedly subscribe to what Chancellor Olaf Scholz said at the wedding of his cabinet colleague Christian Lindner: “The most beautiful thing in life is love. And if two people want to find each other and marry, you shouldn’t talk them into too much.” The chancellor then added something, which he then limited a little with the two little words “I think”: “And I think,” he said almost fatherly, “that also applies in these times.”

I do not believe that. I think a lot more, Scholz had to say it because he was the invited and appeared star guest of the Sylt dream wedding. In terms of appearance, he was only surpassed by opposition leader Friedrich Merz, who flew in in a private plane with his Top Gun sunglasses on and was there in time before Lindner and his wife roared away in an open Porsche.

What Scholz should have said is: “Dear cabinet colleague, we are currently swearing our compatriots to take cold showers, some will probably lose their jobs, and we cannot rule out that inflation will soon grow in double digits. People will feel financial hardship because we are fighting a war with our means. Get married and celebrate, but don’t stage it publicly in these times. I prefer to stay at home.”

But that’s not how they are, the ones in power right now. They prefer to live out their late-feudal dreams and hire court photographers. They like to show off what they spend the salary we pay them on. They pose as the political elite who publicly flaunt their decadence. The finance minister and his chancellor are part of a politically insensitive establishment that feels part of a ruling class that has lost touch with those who are supposed to lead them. You don’t feel yourself anymore. We should let them feel it. They lost my voice.

The article “Scholz defends Lindner’s wedding: What the chancellor should have said” comes from WirtschaftsKurier.