the largest Corona-crisis profit learning clearly, the capitalism critics. It did not take long, until you take advantage of the global surface fire to cook their socialist thing out.

“It is not the Virus that kills people, but of capitalism,” reads the Blog of the left-wing daily newspaper “Friday”.

“In Corona has failed capitalism”, is Left party Deputy Sevim Dagdelen known

“What did the left party, done now Corona”, said the “New Germany”.

capitalism will ensure that “our understanding of the common fades well”, diagnosed Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert.

First of all: Yes, it was the market that is to blame for Corona. But not the socialist politicians and intellectuals to the target. This market is located in Wuhan. To be wild sold animals, viruses of humans and animals exchange genetic material with each other and new mixed viruses explained like the doctor, Christian waltz in “time”.