Because climate activists had glued themselves to a street, the Berlin fire brigade was only able to rescue a seriously injured cyclist belatedly. Incomprehensible! It is only a matter of time before the “last generation” may have the first human life on its conscience.

What is actually more outrageous: the arrogance of the sticky-blockers from the “uprising of the last generation” with which they flout the law because they think they are better people?

Or the ruthlessness with which they restrict the freedom of movement of other people and are not afraid to endanger human lives themselves.

The recent incident in Berlin proves the unscrupulousness of these alleged climate savers. If they hadn’t willfully blocked the traffic with one of their sticking actions, a seriously injured cyclist could have been helped faster and better. So the rescue workers had to improvise because the “stickers” were indifferent to the consequences of their actions.

It is probably only a matter of time before the “last generation” has the first human life on its conscience. In any case, it has already caused massive damage to completely uninvolved people: business people missed important appointments because of the blockades, mourners missed the funeral of their loved ones, doctors missed an important mission, sick people missed an urgently needed doctor’s appointment.

The human suffering and economic damage caused by this leave these alleged climate savers cold. Even if they could stop global warming this way, which is a naïve idea at best, but actually a silly one: living in a country dominated by eco-brutals would be undesirable for ordinary people.

The strategy of these “last ones” is clear: they take citizens hostage in order to force those in government to adopt a different climate policy. It’s bad that the co-governing Greens keep hearing sympathetic words for these blackmailers.

Let’s not kid ourselves: There are no activists at work here, as these street blockers and painting desecrators are affectionately called. We are dealing with criminals. And they are also to be described as such – and to be fought.