What is really important? What touches us today – and doesn’t go away tomorrow? It’s the things that move us, since there are people: happiness, love, family, partnership, time, Stress, loneliness, parting, grief. Columnist Louis Hagen, from German-Jewish family, is back in the PICTURE. He has sought answers to the eternal questions of mankind, by the poets, thinkers, and researchers. And found some of the answers are amazingly simple – and yet our lives can enrich.

you are too, that you are longing for good news? They are there, but we don’t get a lot of it with. While we sleep, research of thousands of scientists around the world for a vaccine against Corona. No one knows how many labs who is working on exactly what time is it. What we know: doctors are fighting without regard to their own health, with the goal to rid ourselves of the world disaster.

There are the silent, the self researchers, which never occur in the television, because they work in laboratories under artificial light around the clock. One of those nameless researchers may have the key already in Hand – but it don’t know itself yet.

A global visitation, such as Corona may set in motion forces which we did not even know that it exists. This is not only true for medicine. It is also the hour of the unknown Poets and thinkers.