“Everyone agrees that in 2023, Quebec cinema experienced a year rich in inventiveness and refreshing spontaneity. This year more than ever, the boundaries between cinematographic genres are blurring. Quebec cinema is lively and stimulating,” said Micheline Lanctôt, the sponsor of the event, in a press release. Gamma Rays, by Henry Bernadet, and Geographies of Solitude, by Jacquelyn Mills, complete the list.

Five films are in competition in the short film section, presented in collaboration with the Plein(s) Écran(s) festival, namely Les rois, by Olivier Côté, Madeleine, by Raquel Sancinetti, Until you die, by Florence Lafond, Cherry, by Laurence Gagné-Frégeau, and UWD, by Brigitte Poupart and Myriam Verreault.

Students from around fifty participating CEGEPs are now invited to watch the films and discuss them among themselves. The Prix Collégial du Cinema Québécois is in its 13th edition. Winners will be announced on April 6.