The feature film Viking, by Stéphane Lafleur, and the short film Oasis, by Justine Martin, are the two winning films of the 12th edition of the Prix collégial du cinéma québécois, awarded Sunday in Quebec City.

“A comic science fiction in the image of Quebec, a humor specific to us, questions of identity, our relationship to the United States, reflections on cinema as such. A great film, funny and intelligent,” summarize the organizers, about the work of Lafleur, in the press release.

Regarding the very first Quebec College Short Film Award, the CEGEP representatives emphasized “being touched by the simplicity and the original subject of the film Oasis, the delicacy by which the complicity of the relationship is transposed to the screen thanks to the images, the beauty of the shots of nature and the choice of symbolic places in this remarkable short film”.

On the initiative of CEGEP professors wishing to share their passion for Quebec cinema, the Prix collégial du cinema québécois was created in 2012.