– It started as a normal day at Rema 1000 in the Shuffle. I went to my regular round to close up shop. I went to the clothesline on the store’s port to get me out, but then I fell over and everything was black, ” says Kim Hedlund Vagstad.

28-åringens heart had stopped.

A customer in the store reacted quickly and got help. It took not many seconds before several customers were in full swing with life-saving first aid.

One of them lifted me into melkekjøla after the information from the paramedics. They assessed the fryselageret, but thought that it might be a little too hefty transition, ” says Vagstad.

the Event goes back in time and eventually have the 28-year-old has been very concerned that everyone have to learn first aid.

RESCUED: Kim Hedlund Vagstad from the hospital after having been 14 days in artificial coma.


Clinically dead for over an hour

Customers in the shop kept on with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (cpr) for 15 minutes until the ambulance came. After 57 minutes with life-saving first aid, managed the paramedics to get the heart to beat.

– It is not certain that I would have survived if it had not been for the customers who responded and acted so quickly, ” says Vagstad.

Jon Erik Steen-Hansen, klinikkoverlege for the CONSERVATORY, ” says hypothermia hypothetical can have an effect.

What we do know, is that chilled the nerve cells can tolerate lack of oxygen much better. But to get to this in practice outside the hospital, has shown itself to be not so simple.

Steen-Hansen emphasizes that the most important thing is to start life-saving first aid early.

If a person becomes unconscious, you should not spend time trying to find the pulse. Often, it is difficult to know if you know your own pulse or the others.

– The most important thing is to start with the brystkompresjoner with a time. One must not be afraid to start unnecessary resuscitation, ” says Steen-Hansen to NRK.

Daunting experience

Then the merchant Jens Erik Sørensen at Rema 1000 in Stokke was at home when he got a phone call from an employee about what had happened.

– I remember nothing of the drive to the Stokke. It was a nasty experience when I arrived. We had no contact with Kim. We managed to close shop and get out people.

We took care of each other while we stood there, ” says Sørensen.

HJERTESTARTER: After the incident, asked the Merchant Sørensen that the store had to get hjertestarter. Now, all Retail stores in the country have a.

Photo: Karoline Stangenes / NRK – I was lucky,

Vagstad were 14 days in artificial coma, but was soon back on the job after the incident and have minimal absences. Hjertestansen have not given him any lasting but.

After the incident has Vagstad been very concerned that all learn life-saving first aid.

People should learn resuscitation from barneskolealder. You never know when one comes off a such an event. It can just as easily be he who fills up brushylla with Cola in the shop as get cardiac arrest. Just like me.

– Then it is important that you know what to do. I was lucky.

He has been given the met some of the snartenkte customers in retrospect, but not all. The hope that he will get the chance to.

– I’m incredibly grateful for the quick reaction. I hope those I have not met, please contact me so I can say thank you, ” says Vagstad.