was Already speculating about a Romance between Miley Cyrus (26) and Cody Simpson (22). Now the singer has expressed in an Interview officially. “I am very happy. We are very, very happy,” he revealed, according to “People” in the “return to Tiffany & co. Mens Launch” in Los Angeles.

The Couple was simply on the same wavelength. “She is creative. It is what you are after doing, full of passion, and I am in this respect very similar. That is why we get along so well,” he said. While the fan base reacted quite surprised to the Turtelei, sees Cody the slightly different. “The reason why it was not a crazy sudden thing, is simply that we are already friends for so long,” explained the 22-Year-old. He and Miley are at the Moment, just not good for each other. “We have found each other at a time, we both not a Party make, but really hard work. This keeps everything healthy and that’s good,” he praised the adult relationship with the “Wrecking Ball”-Hitmacherin.

Simspon met Mama Cyrus

His Romance with the 26-Year-old was to a certain extent, uncharted territory for him: “With my previous Girlfriends, it was always a immediate romantic relationship. So it is a different experience, to be already friends with someone been. We have a great time together and that is the most Important thing in a relationship, isn’t it?” Last Saturday, the two met in the vicinity of Los Angeles, also Miley Cyrus’s mother Tish Cyrus (52).

in addition to Miley to now have also found Liam Hemworth (29) again a new love. He was spotted recently turtelnd with the actress Maddison Brown (22). (Bang)