Film, celebrities, Memes – eye-Podcast “Popcast” speak to the People-editors Vanja Kadic and Manuel Kellerhals every two weeks to discuss current topics and phenomena of pop culture.

The hip Coachella is regarded as a favorite among Influencers, Celebrities and top models. But what is behind the Hype surrounding the Festival in the Californian city of Indio? Also: The final season of “Game of Thrones” and “Popcast”moderators it comes to the big discussion on the HBO hit series. While Manuel “GoT”Fan, Vanja nothing to do with the series.

a sensation, Youtube Star, Dani Cohn (15). The teen should be pregnant and married friend Mikey Tua in a flash-wedding in Las Vegas. Or is it not? Critics will pretend the Influencerin, wedding, and pregnancy, just for clicks.

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